You can’t eat shoes but…

I am geeking out over these shoes. I received them exactly 30 minutes ago from a (very generous) friend who seriously just tickled my wild side. She lovessss loves loves these wedges, she went to many a store to find this pair. Did I mention she lovesloveloves these shoes? So why is she giving them to me?

Turns out they were a bit too small and after wearing them (just once!) it was a no go. AAAAHH how many times have we all found ourselves in this kind of situation? I know I have (and have given up ever since – shopping for shoes online). We got to talking about shoes over dinner, and these little show stoppers came up.

The color palate is WOW and I’m also curiously drawn to its quirky design. What do you think? Would you go for a pair like this? Not so much? Love it? AHHH, they’re super comfy. I can’t get enough of the velcro. Maybe I’ll just wear em around the place in my pj’s until I find something good to wear it with. Maybe a nice pair of jeans with a black top, perhaps? Or a nice black dress with tights? Oooh.

I must say, these definitely outdo the neutrals and deep shades I currently have in my closet right now. Perhaps it’s a sign that I should experiment a bit..

*Shoes are Cynthia Vincent for Target.



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2 responses to “You can’t eat shoes but…

  1. katrina

    ❤ the cynthia vincent shoes. i knew what they were before i even got to the bottom of the post! i know my shoes girrrl! miss u!

  2. Katrina – I could never doubt your shoe IQ… you’re just that good. =)

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