Stairs, No Elevator

Happy New Year!!

I know, I’m a bit late with the greeting but one thing’s for certain: resolutions!

While many of us welcomed 2011 with toasts of champagne and midnight kisses, thoughts of resolutions mingled in the back of our minds. I will read more. I’ll stop procrastinating. I will floss everyday.

Ah the new start is so refreshing, the new beginning offering a clean slate. Many of us are confident that this time around we’re going to start off the year right by holding true to these commitments – but how many of us really do?

On the New Year’s Eve broadcast, they listed the top 5 resolutions of the year thus far:

5. Spend more time with loved ones

4. Get organized

3. Enjoy life more

2. Go green

1. Get fit

Ok, those are some pretty good picks ones but number 1 has always been near and dear to my heart.

Let’s be realistic. I love to cook. Obviously. But I’m also trying to get healthier. Being in grad school doesn’t help the cause either. My bum is glued to the chair 99.9% of the time and when it’s not, I’m either doing one of two things: running because I’m late to class or running to catch the last shuttle home. Clearly these bits of explosive physical activity do not suffice.

So I’ve taken a few steps to remedy the situation. I’ve started a workout routine that I’ve already started doing regularly. Regular in my definition means I haven’t given up yet.

And while every time my calf quivers from doing crazy jump squats or my triceps burn from my 3rd tricep dip, I just think back to when I went shopping this past weekend. I can’t even tell you how fast my jaw dropped when I saw Target had already hauled out their swimwear. Oh sweet mercy.

Something’s gotta give.

With that said, expect more healthy recipes coming your way…with a little fried chicken thrown in between.

Oh and of course, the recap of my recent trip to San Antonio, Texas – the hunt for the best of what TexMex had to offer.

Until next time, foodies and friends!

Happy Cooking!

pictured: grapefruit spoon, a curious tool really.


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