About Me

Quick foodie facts about me:

Breakfast for dinner makes the world go round

I love spicy food and hot sauce

Cooking competition shows are a guilty pleasure

My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is oatmeal with real slices of banana. I know. It’s a childhood thing

I will always choose salty-savory over sweet

Except when you have chocolate

I love having people over for dinner. It’s what the dishwasher is for

The first thing I remember cooking is egg. I was 7 and dad helped. I’m sure ate it with rice

My favorite cheese is sharp cheddar at room temp

I’ll try anything once – blame it on my curiosity

I enjoy restaurant-ing. I know, I just made that up

My favorite take out is anything Thai

I love making new dishes with what I already have

I’m the one who will lick the batter spoon after making brownies

Slow cookers are always worth the wait

I could spend hours at the farmers market

I like easy recipes just as much as complicated ones

I like my coffee black and preferably, iced.

In typing this list, I’m craving Mexican food

I love cooking unrushed, unmeasured and carefree

And most of all, I love sharing, with you


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