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Bell Pepper and Egg Breakfast

Since my recent obsession with Pinterest, I’ve been drooling over lots of easy foodie recipes and filing them away in my Tasty Notes pinboard. It’s where all my productivity has gone recently. What thesis paper? Nom nom nom.

 I chose to try this recipe in particular…ok, I admit, purely for the aesthetics of how the egg, cooked in sliced bell pepper rings, emulate images of, what else, flowers. Ahh, how cute is this! I thought. It was all downhill from there.

 And in all honesty, I have this ongoing love affair with eggs, and breakfast and brinner and I figured this was something I could work into my eggy cravings somewhere.  Mhmm, that’s it.

Here’s what you’ll need:

two eggs

1 bell pepper (or two if you like different colors)

shredded cheese

fresh basil

green onion

salt and pepper

Step 1. Wash and cut the bell pepper into ½ inch thick rings. Remove the white membranes from the inside. The first time I made this, I cut the rings a bit over half an inch because I wanted the ring to be thick enough to hold in the egg.  This will definitely vary depending on the size of egg you use and how big the rings are. Just have fun with it!

 Make sure to slice the rings as evenly as you can, with a non-serrated knife. If the rings aren’t straight, egg will leak out from underneath when you crack the egg into the ring.

 Step 2. Heat a non-stick pan on medium heat with a tablespoon of olive oil. At the same time, turn on the broiler on the high heat setting. If you can use a pan with a metal handle, do so. You’ll see why in a minute.

Step 3. When the oil is heated, add the bell pepper rings and allow to cook 2-3 minutes. Do not flip. Next, crack one egg into each bell pepper ring and season with salt and pepper. Allow 2-3 minutes to let the bottom of the eggs cook.

In the picture, the eggs are left sunny side up and more or less, raw, but I decided to cook the tops of the eggs by sticking the pan under the broiler for about 3 minutes to get the tops of the eggs cooked.

Don’t forget to use oven mitts to take out the pan! In my eager anticipation, I almost forgot to do this – not a good idea.

Step 4. Transfer the pepper-egg on top of toast or wheat sandwich thin. Sprinkle a little cheese and green onion on top and serve!

Or in my case, sprinkle a lot of cheese, chopped basil, and green onion. oh. my. sweet. breakfast. yes.

Add the cheese. Go ahead, add a lot. I won’t judge.. Melt it a little, so that it strings out when you bite into it. Use whatever cheese you have. Add chopped bacon. Smile, because that was a genius idea. Then make this again for lunch. (Guilty!)

I love the chopped basil and the cheese together. The basil gave it a bit of freshness that wasn’t too overpowering for the egg. Ah the egg. My life wouldn’t be the same without it.

Cheese, basil, bacon or just salt and pepper – try different toppings with whatever you have on hand. Have fun with it, it’s all about your foodie experience and how you make it unique each time. If you love it, make it and make it again and improve it. Share it. It’s the best thing about cooking.


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Savory Breakfast Tostada

Tostada – [tɒˈstɑːdə] – A flat tortilla with various fillings piled on it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love savory breakfasts. I will almost always choose a grilled cheese egg sandwich over a bowl of cheerios. I attribute my penchant for savory eats to the breakfasts of my childhood. Growing up, dad cooked mini “gourmet” breakfasts for my sister and I on Saturday mornings. Oh they were simply scrumptious. Once such dish included sauteed matchstick carrots, garlic fried rice, a sunny side up egg and tapa, thin slices of marinated sirloin steak – Filipino style.

Since then, I’ve always been on the lookout for creative savory breakfast dishes that are both simple and fun. Coincidentally, many of the recipes I have conjured up are a mix of ingredients that are ready and available in my pantry. Why?

You know how sometimes you have left-over ingredients from last night’s dinner recipe? And you’re not quite sure how to use ’em without making the same thing twice? But you also don’t want to let it go to waste? That’s when ideas start flying and it is how this tostada recipe came about, one Saturday morning.

For this recipe you will need the following:

vegetable oil
1 corn tortilla
1/3 cup black beans (or kidney/white/pinto)
3 tbsp shredded cheese
a few leaves of cilantro
4 pieces of shrimp
1 egg

Let’s get to work

Step 1. Cook the shrimp

Fill a pot of water enough to cover the shrimp and place on medium heat. When it gets to the point where it is just above a simmer (not boiling!), slide in the shrimp and mix it around for about 3 minutes then pull them out and set aside on a plate. In my case, take a picture and set it aside. Heh.

Step 2. In a non-stick frying pan, pour about 1 tbsp of oil in the pan on medium heat and swirl it around the pan. When hot, break an egg on one side and place the tortilla on the other side. You can definitely cook the two separately but my pan is big enough to fit both, so why not?

Step 3. Distribute the beans on top of the tortilla. Don’t forget to drain the juices! Bean juice = soggy tortilla = not so texturally appealing. We want crunch here!! Mm I love sunshine eggs. Especially when it gets crispy & brown on the edges.

Step 4. Season the beans with a little salt and pepper. As far as I know, canned beans don’t come seasoned and are for the most part, boring, without it. Salt your egg, too.

Step 5. Add the cheese on top of the beans. Ok, so I know this totally does not look like 3 tablespoons of cheese. I got a little heavy handed ok? I won’t judge you if you do the same.

At this point, I flipped the egg over but you can choose to leave it as is if you like your eggs over easy. For this recipe, I prefer the yolk a little solid.

Step 6. Nip off a few cilantro leaves, give them a quick rinse and place on top of the tortilla.

Cilantro is  one of those things you either hate or love. I know someone who likens eating this herb to eating shampoo. Personally, I could eat a heaping bunch of it – yes, insane, I know. Spring rolls, tacos, tostadas – these were totally created for the sake of cilantro in my mind. If these greens don’t appeal to your palate, fresh baby spinach will do or you can get rid of the veggies all together.

Step 7. Chop the cooked shrimp in thirds and scatter randomly. Or, if you’re like me, add them strategically so that every bite gets a piece of goodness. Then lick your lips when you notice the cheese has started to melt nicely.

Step 8. When the egg is done, place on top of the shrimp. Step back and adore your mini tostada creation.

Step 9. Garnish with a little bit of cheese, shrimp and cilantro. Enjoy!

From start to finish, one tostada takes about 15 minutes to accomplish – 10 if you’ve done it more than once and you’ve got everything pre-prepped. The thing I like about this recipe is its versatility. Shrimp can be substituted with leftover steak or chicken from the night before and you can use whatever cheese you have on hand. Once, I substituted beans for 3-pepper and garlic roasted hummus and I used avocado instead of cilantro. The possibilities are endless! I like having options when I cook.

Get creative, you might just surprise yourself ! There’s a sense of accomplishment in taking what you have at hand, using it in a completely different way and in the end surprising yourself with something delicious. Here’s to exploring new ideas and to savory breakfasts!

Until next time, happy cooking!


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